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Gold Filled Vaulted Small Leaf Pendant

The leave pendant will help you decorate your jewelry with a natural style


This oval bezel cup is a spiecel place to set an oval stone in. It has his oval shape that can fit as a pendant, earring or bracelet by soldering them in. It can also be glued onto rubber or leather and decorate your belt or your purse

Sterling 925 Silver 9mm Lobster Clasp

This lobster clasp, famous as bocklebee clasp, is a smooth, rectangular pinch shaped and highly popular clasp. It got his name because of his "pinching" mechanism. These plain but sturdy clasps are perfect for a simple jewelry look.

Gold Filled 12mm T-Clasp 2mm Twisted Wire

This T clasp, also known as toggle clasp, is made out of two separate parts- a ring and a bar. For closing the jewelry we will slide the bar into the ring that is at the exact diameter for the bar to pass within. This clasp especially fits for your necklace, and will provide it with a soft, pretty and gentle look.

Gold Filled 3mm Corrugated Rondel Bead

These corrugated beads are really impressive because of their special shape. They have two holes so you can use it to make a necklace, bracelet or earring

Gold Filled 16mm Bead

Round beads are known for their simple and traditional look. This round, two hole, easy to slide bead will space your earrings, necklace and bracelet perfectly.

Sterling Silver 925 Spring Clasp 8mm

Spring clasps are circular, strong and reliable. It has a unique spring mechanism that makes it open and close easily. It can fit any kind of jewelry and it is really recommended because it is one of the safest types of clasp.

14KY 140 OD Open Jump ring 064JRR27000000

This 14KY 140 OD Open Jump ring 064JRR27000000g is necessary for any jeweler. It is open and ready to solder. Open jump ring are very essential findings and perfectly fit to create a necklace, bracelets and charms, or as a connectors between findings to jewelry pieces.

Gold Filled 11mm Locket Bail

This locket bail conect between the chain and the pendant. It is unique because it has the possibility to change the pendant from time to time easly, just click and change. It is classic and traditional.

Sterling Silver 5.3/5mm End Cups

This round end cups are classic for leather necklaces, they are easily influenced by pressure and it can be a secure end for both side of the necklace or braclate. Any jeweler can use it easly.

Gold Filled 8.2mm Fish Lock Clasp

This fish clasp, also known as pear clasp and parrot clasp, is a simple, smooth, claw shaped and highly popular clasp. Thanks to the clasp's unique spring trigger mechanism it will easily fix to your chain or fasten your bracelet. Fish locks are strong, reliable and will provide your jewelry the ideal fastening solution.

14KW 3mm Ball Earing / rop 074BER93300175

These stud ball earrings are tiny and modest, you can wear them for work or everyday life and give a basic and sublte performance.

14KY 019x625 eye pin 064WEY96200000

This smooth pin designed for jewelry makers who like to make unique jewelry. They can glue a flower, a star or a special symbol to it and make sure your clothing won't be boring.

Gold Filled 6/6mm Bezel Cup

This correct square bezel cup is tiny but impressive and is made for square cut stones. It can be made into bracelet, earring or pendant by soldering on dedicate fitting. In addition it can be glued onto rubber or leather and decorate your belt or your purse.